President’s Message




  Once again the Buon Tempo Club has received a gift from Maria Gloria  in Vito Ciarfaglio’s name for his birthday, in January.  Thank you Maria,  grazie tanto.   Paul Grazzini just heard (early February) that Jim Remigio had suffered a heart attack and is on the sick list.  Let’s wish him well and keep him in our thoughts and prayers. Guarisci presto (Get well soon). Vito Ciarfaglio had heart  surgery in February. Hopefully his heart mechanic was a past winner of one of our vocational scholarship.  Again, in our hearts and prayers.  Guarisci presto  The start of 2018 has not been kind to the  members of this club. Sadly we have  lost three members and a member’s wife in the first  six weeks of the new year.   Nat Viscuso passed  away  on January  7th; Past member and one who was around at the birth of the Buon Tempo, Frank Giuliano die in January.  Ben Altadonna lost his love,  Theresa passed on  Feb. 3rd.  And  on February 7th,  Al  Schlutius at 85 years young succumbed to the flu.  God grant them peace. We will soon be celebrating our 60th anniversary.  Mark your calendar, April 7th is the anniversary dinner.

 Len Tallo,  


Len Tallo